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Units guide
by Wild_Genius
This guide describes every unit in the game as well as some "winning" combinations thereof....
How to earn gold!
by ★Game Explorer★
Hi! Here's tip how to get gold without hacking,cheating just by normal playing it!!...
100% Achievement Guide
by Autositz
Information on how to get 100% Achievements for Bardbarian. This guide can contain occasional spoilers which will NOT be marked!...
Fastest way to Earn Gold/Fully Upgraded Units
by [TPG] The Smoking Fox
Ive played this game 4.5 Hours and have 15 of the 18 units fully upgraded. Of course it takes some skill to get the units but this guide is to help you get as much gold as possible in the shortest amount of time. Its very simple and doesnt take much...
Bardbarian - Badge Guide
by MakiSave™
All 'Bardbarian' Badges which you can earn by crafting a set of 'Bardbarian' trading cards....