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Unlockable Characters
by J4X3 J3
Welcome to The guide To unlock Other playable Characters...
General Guide by Noeh
by Noeh23
This is a guide containing basics of the gameplay and some advanced stuff for seasoned players. Spoilers and hidden for those who want to enjoy the mysteries of the game by themselves....
General Tips & Tricks
by Monoblos
Some things I learned in my first play-through that can help you. ;)...
Chains vs. Combos
by Cermarey
Can't decide if you should make a combo or two chains? This guide has the answer!...
Map Modding
by Cermarey
Learn how to modify existing maps. Add as much unobtainium as you like, remove indestructible tiles, have a look at secret (unused) items, create your own puzzles....
How to use the Super Motherload Map Editor
by The Holy Fuchsia Padlock
A guide on how to use the Windows Application I created to edit Super Motherload Map Files....