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Achievement Tricks Using New Game Plus+
by [PGCA] XxStormPkX [SSAnonymous]
Its Short Guide Of What Achievements Carry On From Your Old Save Into Your New Game Plus+ Save!...
Party Composition Compilation
by Varlun
In this guide, people list their party composition and make their case for why they chose the classes they did, and why they didn't pick the others. Browse through it until you find a composition and logic you agree with! If you disagree with all of them,...
Difficult Puzzle Solutions
by insane_otaku
This guide is to help out Travellers who are struggling with some of the more time-consuming and frustrating puzzles. I have added images of my own making. May be updated later with more solutions....
Configuration & KeyBindings
by balter0
There are 7 buttons used in Last Dream. The only explanation about the function of each buttons is in the tutorial. To access the tutorial, you must select new game and confirm party creation. Personally, It's a waste of time. Instead of repeating the...
Abyss Encounter and Helpful Hints Guide
by NeoDraconis
A simple guide which informs the player of what they may encounter on each floor, when new equipment first appears, and of where to grind for antidotes if they did not take a white mage or a grey mage. I may add additional information if it is requested a...