Breach & Clear
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Leadership 101
by Alsandair
Everything is clearable with hardwork! 1. Gathering your squad. In Breach and Clear there are 6 different squads. These squads each have their own unique speciality. Now you might be thinking "Which one should I choose?" or "What sq...
How to Re-Order Your Squad
by Scapegoat
Some of you have been asking about how to re-order your squad before breaching and I stumbled across how to do this so thought I would share it with the rest of you....
Starting Squad Stats and Gear
by Ghillie
In Breach & Clear there are seven squads you can choose from. This guide will tell you which ones start with which gear and what stats....
Creating Your own skin For Breach & Clear. (MOD)
by Mery.G
This guide addresses the variety factor in B&C, the game has specific uniforms colors and item colors, this guide just helps users in customizing the units,uniforms,helmets. to their liking....
Achievement "Bite the Hand that Feeds"
by mercury
This guide describes how to unlock "Bite the Hand that Feeds" achievement Dieser Guide beschreibt wie man das "Bite the Hand that Feeds" achievement frei schaltet...
Rising achivement *Updated*
by Alfanz
I will show you the easiest way to get the Rising Achivement. *Updated*...
by Regoff
This guide explains how to download, install and launch the GIGN mod. Get it now!...
How to win
by SynapseRanger
lern 2 trash them fools...
by Regoff
Second guide about the GIGN mod, which is about the new skins and camos....