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A Guide to the Secrets of Tower of Guns
by Pantheon
Having trouble finding the secret areas in Tower of Guns or just want to grab all the loot you can get your hands on? Let me help you out a bit! NOTE: I haven't found all secrets yet, but I wanted to share all I've found so far. Know something I don't...
What does "Tog_ImLame" mean?
by Dude Time
Discover the Secret Code...
Tower of Guns: Secret Levels Field Guide
by James CyberLink
(Spoiler Warning!) This guide will help you discover the 6 known secret levels in Tower of Guns....
tower of guns easter eggs collection
by AnthoChainSaw
Lower resolution
by Genebris
How to set lower resolution in config file....
How to get "Yes, Bombots Self-Destructing Counts..."(cheats)
by MaddAdam
This is the only guarenteed way to get this, if your prayers to the gods of RNG have gone unanswered, just follow these steps....