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Cogs - Preview/Review
by ZephyrAM
An intro video to the puzzle gamer, Cogs! Initially created to spotlight it's place in the Humble Bundle Android 4 sale, now it's hear to give you a glimpse into the game style! If you like 3D puzzlers, give it a look!...
Full Speed Ahead Achievement
by The Toothless Hero
Full Speed Ahead Achievement. Refer to my picture and get it with ease....
Cogs - Savegame
by celsius
100% Achievement...
Cheat codes
by WEGFan
The entire list of cheats in game....
Pipes Solution (Puzzle 3)
by The Toothless Hero
Solution to Pipes Puzzle (Puzzle 3)...
One Chime Solution (Puzzle 4)
by The Toothless Hero
Solution to One Chime Puzzle (Map 4)...