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Hexxing around aka manipulating savegame to get achievements for free or just check what have you missed [WIP]
by [x] lainverse
Do you desire to get Expedition Leader, Rocketeer, Survivalist, Geologist or that illusive Planetary Historian achievement but don't want to leave your PC running for 10 hours or go through the whole story once again? Do you want to check what has you mis...
100% Achievement Guide (WIP)
by Feeed
Guide explaining how to get all of the achievements in the game....
Game save location
by Daraya
This will help You to find saved game progress as it doesn't support SteamCloud yet. ...
Dokumente Das Portal - Grüne Länder
by CaXXum - Yasha
Der 3. und letzte Teil mit den Endleveln....
Dokumente Ödland - Toter Wald
by CaXXum - Yasha
Teil 2 meines Guides für alle Dokumete in Lifeless Planet....
Dokumente Landestelle - Kraftwerk
by CaXXum - Yasha
Ich versuche hier die Fundorte aller Dokumete für die ersten Level aufzuführen. Falls ich etwas vergessen habe, freue ich mich über Hinweise....