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True End Guide - View every event and unlock all CG! - COMPLETE - No Spoilers
by 『  』
This will help you view every event and achieve the True End in one playthrough. It will guide you through the First and Second Generations unlocking every CG in the game....
Will Powers Guide
by Senpai
Guide to Will Powers. This guide contains their effects, and how they are activated. As well as any extra information or notes related to them....
Agarest Zero Gallery 100% (CG 100% all Complete)
by [KOR] Hong-Gil-Dong
Agarest Zero Gallery 100% (CG 100%) all Complete 181/181 picture maker = Hong-Gil-Dong Homepage =
Agarest Zero DLC Guide (ITEM List)
by [KOR] Hong-Gil-Dong
Agarest Zero`s DLC Guide (ITEM List) 아가레스트 제로에 나오는 모든 DLC 아이템의 능력치를 공개합니다. 블로그 :
How to set FPS and Antialias
by materialrock
This guide will show you how to set FPS and Antialias on Agarest Zero Agarest: Generations of war guide by Der_Mr_Ben ...