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Violett Complete Walkthrough (Text)
by Shogs
This walkthrough is a basic walkthrough, and while it will point out diary pages, it is not intended as a guide for achievements, diary pages, or collecting elements. I assume that you are trying to collect all those things as we move through the guide. ...
Violett Complete Walkthrough (Video)
by Getty
Please use it after you've tried everything! :) Link to the YouTube playlist ...
Violett Orb Collecting Guide
by DSpecht
This guide is supposed to help people who try find the hidden Orbs to unlock Achievements. Since there isn't such a guide yet and searching for the Orbs can be frustrating, boring and/or time consuming, I try my best to point out most/all Orb locations. T...
Violett. Complete Walkthrough. Supercharged Orbguide [Video]
by Portedbowl
Please rate. :-) - Full video walkthrough with guide to find all the orbs and all the pages. - Youtube playlist ...
Violett прохождение [RUS]
by Ł
MINI GUIDE - Chimney Walkthough
by Shogs
This guide it SOLELY to help people get through the Chimney / Flag / Elevator level...