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Qbeh-1 Walkthrough & token localizations / Localisations des symboles
by Mjau
Having trouble locating the tokens ? this guide is for you ! Vous avez des soucis pour localiser les symboles ? ce guide est fait pour vous !...
by johnkaiser3
A quick reference guide that will list the default controls for now. This will be expanded with more details such as cube types and basic gameplay tips later....
Qbeh-1 World 6 Level 5 walkthrough
by johnnywintermute
Many thanks to Mjau for the excellent walkthroughs. This shows an alternate solution to level 5 of World 6 - if you're having trouble with the fans, you might find this easier :) ** spoilers ** this shows how to find the pyramid (again, slightly easier...
Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube Full Guide
by tonkku107
* Work In Progress * This is a full guide on qbeh-1. Here you can find all sorts of things about qbeh, but i'm warning you about Spoilers , so read carefully. This guide includes beginner guides, walkthroughs and achievement guide....