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Crew/Finisher Guide
by Davin
A list of crew members, where to find them, and information about the focus finishers....
100% Run Checklist
by TKhaos
A checklist/guide that will help you keep track of Crew members and Chests you've found. Using this checklist can allow you to potentially earn up to 59 of the 62 achievements available at the time this guide was created....
Partial Map (Spoiler allert)
by anavn
A partial map of the game in case you want to know if you missed anything or want to do the 3h achievement :) Disclaimer: I am not the creator of this picture the original may be found on
Combo Mechanics And Damage Multipliers v1.16
by BoswerLK
In depth look of the combo style system, weapon movesets, and damage multipliers...
Game Map
by Blind
Map of the game including all items, assist crew members, locked doors, save points, and bosses....
Shop list
by AmsunThales
This will list contents of all the shops in game along with materials needed....
A fix to pass through graphical glitches when you start the game on Optimus laptops.
by zeroxxx
On Optimus-enabled laptops, game doesn't start properly - sound is heard but only weird letters displayed on the screen....