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chess123mate Feb 1 @ 8:01pm
Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.1
(Note: This uses Cheat Engine and so might be called cheating, but as Lugaru is a single player only game (not even containing a public high score board), I hope this isn't a problem. The same modifications offered by this mod can also be done by changing the source code (as Lugaru is open-source) - at least, if you can get it to compile (I couldn't)).

Whether you're looking for an easy time, a very difficult challenge, or just a fun, silly time - you'll find lots to experiment with in the Lugaru Variable Playground mod! With more than 11 modes, you'll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy Lugaru like you never have before. Including fire, giants, midgets, sword fights, endless combat, lives, and numerous other things you can do to modify your Lugaru playing experience!

Interested? Read the full post (and download the mod) here:
As implied by my note, this mod requires Cheat Engine to use.

If you try it or have any feedback, let me know what you think!