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Combat 101
by AndrewsDragon
This guides purpose is to walk you through the combat system in Overgrowth and help you to not die! Don't rage just read....
Getting the most out of your game experience
by AtheistTardigrade
Several different keys and techniques to help beginners...
Becoming a member of the Wolfire Secret Preorder Forums.
by Jeff The Shark
I have noticed that many of people, especially Steam users have had trouble becoming a member of the Wolfire Secret Preorder Forums (SPF) on the Wolfire website (Wolfire is the company responsible for Overgrowth and other games), so I have created ...
Importing custom weapons into Overgrowth
by Turkeydipking
This video tutorial provides clear instructions on importing an .obj file into Overgrowth to use as a custom weapon. It covers the following software: Machinima Studio (only for obtaining the model) Blender (for positioning the model, creating the hull...
Parkour tips!
by Jetzal
This guide will tell you the basics of parkour and stuff like that!...
Movement Controls In Overgrowth
by TheMXPRGamer (AKA-NEO)
This guide will show you the movement controls in Overgrowth. Movement --------------------------------- 1) Keys 'W,A,S,D' are movement keys to walk. 2) Shift is to crouch and to flip (while in air) press any key 'W,A,S,D" to flip in t...