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Last mission help
by The Raven
So few of my friends had problem with last part of Brainiac mission. At one point you will need to make a friend for the Doppelganger. Might sounds easy but tips from Lily a little bit confusing. Instead of making a clone of her simply create a sist...
Achievement Guide
by Matt Damon
Do you have trouble completing some of the achievements? Hopefully this guide will help you! ...
Aquaman vs. Oceanmaster
by Realtione
I hope I could help :) Lily : Can't get close. Huh ? Maybe can use a tool ? 1 - Swimsuit / Scuba ( I am not sure for scuba ) 2 - A Thief 3 - Fish,Meat... Any food ? ( maybe :D ) 4- Huge Rock, Big Plank ...