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Kingdoms Rise
by BaconBankai
Posting two links that should tell you everything you need to know about the mechanics of the game...
Louwey's Mobility Guide
by VA.Louwey
How to fight like a man!
by IceJJFish
Hello, this is a guide for "How to fight like a Man" Sorry for my english i'm a 15 year old guy from Brazil (And i really want south american servers, DAT PING UGHH) But we're not here to talk about me ya? we're here to fight! ...
by Hadron Darkstahl
Fixing the Special Attack
by tony
I get asked this question at least 10ish times a day. Decided to make it easier on myself and everybody else....
Early Access Overview.
by h0B0.
An overview of weapons, spells abilities available in the early access as well as some strategies to make best use of them....