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The Kicker's Handbook
by Iconoclast Cat
This guide will inform you of the basics of commanding your SWAT team to victory without causalties....
The Kickers Tactical Guide
by |1MC|Easy
The Kickers Tactical Guide is the 1 stop shop for all you need to know for breaching, clearing, and movement. These are basic level tactics and may need to slightly modified depending on the situation and environment to be effectively executed. Also since...
Helpful Tips
by Scale567
In-depth, helpful tips on how to play!...
Things to remember!
by =(eGO)=™ First Timer
Introduction My first time writing a guide so please be nice guys :X Anyways, welcome to Door Kickers, it's a game that focus quite alot on strategy and not something you should rush into. True, the first few missions might be as easy as A B C...
How to Successfully Clear A Level
by Swift
This is my guide on how to play and beat almost any level in Door Kickers. This guide is based on my experiences and opinion, so don't hate it; just appreciate it ;)...