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Talisman: Quest for the Crown
by Umbrella Incorporated
You come from humble beginnings. You strive out in a cruel and unforgiving world, dreaming of glory. But you're not the only one. There are many perils and suprises waiting for you on your quest for the Crown. It's too dangerous to go alone. Read on if...
Talisman Runestones Guide
by jaxon
This guide will explain the Runestones system in Talisman: Digital Edition. As you gain levels, you will unlock Runestones, but what do they do? Read this guide to find out....
A Characterful Beginner's Guide to Talisman Characters
by Cragspyder
This is a quick reference guide to all the different characters available in Talisman, as well as eventually my evaluations of how strong or weak they are in comparison to each other. There will be three different types of ratings: Theory, where I hav...
Talisman Spell Guide
by Artaterxes
A guide on how to use spells in Talisman: Digital Edition, with focus on when and how to queue....
Talisman How to: Borderless Windowed mode
by Gameplay Crush
This tutorial will guide you trough the steps to play Talisman in windowed borderless mode....
How To: Use Multiple Saves For Online Games
by Jigain
A step-by-step guide for how to manage multiple online saves, for those times when not all your friends are online at the same time. ...