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2 Quick Tips For Plague Inc
by Karl Carrios
A small guide I made to help those struggling with the game by explaining 2 basic game concepts. I will be explaining active abilities and why Severity = DNA My first guide also. Pls remember the rate the guide if you found it helpful! ...
Statistics behind Plague Inc
by ♥Sizmi♥
This is a study of the statistics behind the game, I'm not sure if this is useful or not.. but maybe it can be put to good use....
Plague Inc: Evolved - Parasite Normal Guide
by Angel Falls
A quick, easy guide to beating Parasite on Normal....
How To Easily Unlock ALL GENES
by EricTwitch
This is a short guide on how to easily unlock all of the genes without using hacks/trainers. Unlocking Genes will give you greater virus customization early on, and make the game easier to beat. Tested on July 14th, 2014, on the PC version
Plague Inc: Fungus Guide *Normal*
by McPluffel
This is a guide on how to wipe out humanity with the fungus on normal difficulity....
Plague Inc: Bacteria Guide *Normal*
by McPluffel
This is a guide on how to wipe out humanity with the bacteria on normal difficulty....
Neurax Worm - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win & Perfect Score)
by Tatsur0
There are many great Neurax Worm Mega Brutal strategies but this guide is slightly different. While very few of those strategies lead to a perfect score (for those who are trying to attempt a perfect score) this guide's focus is not just a win (which is d...
Destroy the world in less than a year
by Robert
For those who find achieving the Insane Bolt achievement hard Here is an easy, step-by-step guide to gaining that achievement...
Simian Flu - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win & Perfect Score)
by Tatsur0
This Plague was quite challenging and is very long so if you lose near the end you have to start all over and it can become quite tedious. But with numerous trials and errors (about a full days worth) I've come up with a guide that will guarantee you both...
Fungus - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win)
by Tatsur0
I very much would have liked to have created a guide for Fungus that both guaranteed a win (or 90% chance with random events being what they are) but this is not possible with Fungus. I however can provide a guide that guarantees a win nearly 100% of the ...