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Bacteria - Mega Brutal Guide (90% Win Ratio & Perfect Score)
by Tatsur0
With this guide you can beat Bacteria on any difficulty 90% of the due to Greenland & random events, but worth mentioning quite often leads to a perfect score on Mega Difficult. You can also achieve the "Insane Bolt" Steam Achievement with ease (Kill all ...
Virus - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win & Perfect Score)
by Tatsur0
The Virus campaign is a difficult one as it's quite volatile but with this guide you'll be able to decimate life on planet earth on any difficulty though this guide focuses on Mega Brutal and with a perfect score no matter how often you try it....
Nano-Virus - Mega Brutal Guide (90% Win Ratio & Perfect Score)
by Tatsur0
The goal of this guide is to beat Nano-Virus on Mega Brutal with a perfect score which can be achieved if you follow this guide step-by-step (90% of the time as Greenland can't be tamed! Oh have I tried and tried yet all Genes, Transmissions, Symptoms, an...
by 森の精霊 MKJN
Всем привет. В этой теме я расскажу как открыть ачивки в игре Plague Inc: Evolved...
Necroa Virus - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win & Perfect Score)
by Barry McCockinner
Use this guide to help you defeat humanity using the Necroa Virus on Mega Brutal and if followed step by step guaranteeing just that as well as a perfect score....
E-Z Strategy for Neurax Worm on Mega-Brutal
by elkinsjames02
Trouble with the Neurax Worm on Mega-Brutal? This works every time. You'll win with the cure usually 45%-55% complete....
[FR]Guide Bio-Arme Mega-Brutal (victoire facile et en peu de temps)
by Yoda the black
Ceci est mon premier guide, deso pour l'orhtographe , malheureusement j'ai un clavier qwerty .......
How To Easily Unlock ALL GENES
by EricTwitch
This is a short guide on how to easily unlock all of the genes without using hacks/trainers. Unlocking Genes will give you greater virus customization early on, and make the game easier to beat. Tested on July 14th, 2014, on the PC version
Bio-Weapon on Mega Brutal Difficulty
by Yureina
A guide to beating the game with Bio-Weapons on Mega-Brutal difficulty, with detailed instructions and the reasoning behind them....
Nano-Virus Mega Brutal (rus/en)
by shulsev
1. Нано-Вирус на Крайне Тяжёлом. Гайд на тестировании. 2. Nano-Virus Mega Brutal. In english. Guide in testing phase....