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How To Play The Dead Linger
by [MBT] Sapphire Shores
Properly reporting Bugs
by The Hunter
Since The Dead Linger is an Alpha game and obviously has bugs, you can actually help the developers. Crying about bugs does not help anyone. But reporting them will improve your gameplay experience and supports the devs if you do it a good manner....
[Official] Survival Guide for The Dead Linger Alpha
by [Sandswept] Zag the Abysswalker
A quick guide from the developers of The Dead Linger to help you survive the trials of Alpha!...
The Dead Linger - The Guide To The Apocalypse.
by Razz Darkstar (Prev. Izzilliam)
This is an unofficial guide to describe the basics of all of the HNZ zombie types, and the means to dispatch of said foes. It also talks about fortification, survival, hunting, and looting tactics. Also feel free to give me feed back on ways to improve th...
The Dead Linger: Rocky Guide
by TheLastGamer
Hi my name is Rocky and i will be introduce you and training you to survive in the zombie apocalipse, if you don't learn here you don't learn anything....
The 5 Step Survival Guide
by Two-Six
5 steps to survival a quick checklist...