King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame

DirtyDan 14/jun/2013 às 0:17
Is online pretty active? or still going atleast?
Im thinking about buying the game and im not going to bother if the multiplayer aspect of it is no longer going. Also KA2 dosen't have multiplayer does it?
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industrial 14/jun/2013 às 11:37 
Don't buy it for multiplayer. I have problems with game in single player due to constant crashing. The best games that combine multplayer and strategy are the total war series. Other fun multiplayer games are company of heros and coh2 (coh2 is having a free beta trial. Take advantage), Sins Of a Solar Empire (Space game. See you-tube videos. Some like it, while other consider it repetitive), and most games by Paradox publisher( some are too complex and too long).
Try and get these games on sale. If the game sucks, you bought it at a reduced price. If you like it, buying at a reduced price is like having gravey on the meatloaf.

1. Check out you-tube videos of any game before buying.
2. See if they have any demos.
3. Buy on sale days. It sucks getting a game at full price, than finding out that
you don't like it.

Good luck
industrial 14/jun/2013 às 11:41 
also see civilization 5.
Pervert-Pyon 21/jun/2013 às 4:52 
Don't buy it for the online component.
You should buy it for the SP campaign. The loading screens, the music, the atmosphere. It's really great. It mixes strategy and magic/rpg elements.
Not the best strategy game out there yet very enjoyable.
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