Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

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Cognition F.A.Q.
[How do the loyalty discounts work?]

Edit: The Loyalty discount is no longer in place, we apologize for the inconvenience

If you own some of the episode keys either through bundles or because you bought an individual episode from another store you are entitled to a loyalty discount.

Basically, here's how they work:
Launch Discount - +25% off
1 Episode - +25% off
2 Episodes - +25% off
3 Episodes - +16% off

After the launch discount ends, the loyalty-only discount will be:
1 Episode - +25% off
2 Episodes - +25% off
3 Episodes - +16% off

We will endeavor to keep the loyalty discount available as long as possible. It may conflict with future store-wise sales should we choose to participate, but we will work with Valve as those come up. It may have to be temporarily turned off during store-wide sales but I don't see why it can't be reinstated after the sales.

If you previously gifted the game to yourself before the fix, please go to your inventory, select the Cognition gift, and pick "add to my library". If that doesn't work, please email us at support (at) postudios (dot) com and we will pass along your issue to Valve.

[Why do I get a "This game is not giftable in your territory" when I try to gift Cognition?]

The game is now giftable and it should work for everyone

[I want to open the E-comic through the .PDF instead of the launcher, where can I find it?]

For those of you who want to open the pdf directly instead of from the launcher, the e-comic is located here:

[I got an Episode Steam key from a bundle but when I try to buy the Season pass no new episodes are added in my library display or they're being listed as 'DLC ]

This is a display issue on Steam because it only lists out exact keys you unlocked and the full purchase just unlocks the "full key", you will only see the individual records of keys you had unlocked before. If you have a confirmed purchase of the full game from Steam and the full game doesn't download afterwards, then you can contact us and we will work with Valve to fix the issue

[How many episodes does the Season Pass have? Is it the full season?]

Cognition contains 4 episodes, the same as the season pass. The story reaches its ending in Episode 4.

[I own one or more episodes, but not the entire season. What can I do? I don't want to have buy the entire season just for the missing episodes. How can I play them on Steam?]

Some stores require us to sell Cognition as an all-in-one pack, however other stores such as Desura, Gamersgate and even our own Phoenix Store[] sell various episodes individually. If You bought an individual episode on any other store, you can email your receipt to and we'll supply you with a steam key for the episode in question

Help! The game freezes on me all the time!

This can be fixed by adding the command line option "-force-gfx-direct" to the game. To do this, locate Cognition in your list of games, right click, and choose Properties. On the dialogue that pops up, click on the "Set Launch Options..." button and type the option mentioned above into the box. Re-launch the game and enjoy!
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