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The Chaos Engine - The basics
by glip glop
In this guide i try to describe most of the stuff thats in the game. This is my first guide ever. I owned The Chaos Engine for the Amiga and the CD32 and played it on other systems aswel. English is not my native language so i apologize for any errors tha...
The Chaos Engine - To Achieve 100%
by Ashfall
This guide here will tell you what you need to achieve a specific achievement base on my experience. Most of the achievements are quite easy but one will test your patience and dedication....
The Chaos Engine - Walkthrough / Guide to secrets
by glip glop
In this guide there will be only walkthrough and secret related stuff. The other guide go too crowded with stuff most people dont need and it was too distracting or confusing. I hope this was the right decision, let me know what you think!...
The Chaos Engine - Character Guide
by Mecandes
A look at the characters including which Special Abilities they can use and how Power Ups affect their weapons....