Ittle Dew
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Fishburn Hills Underground Puzzle
by Alden
Solving the puzzle...
Number one fan achievement guide
by Dewcisian
So you want to be the best card trader, battler, thingy on the block do yah? Well look no further! cause Dewclay's going to show you how to get all 26 cards....
"Just dew it" Achievement Speedrun
by Rob
Just Dew It + Wanderer Achievements - Speedrun[11:47]
by guigo_
This video is NOT MINE , but I felt like sharing. It's the best way to do your speedrun, and with the spare minutes you can afford to make mistakes ...
How to (re)set the language (back to English)
by Ludonaut
Ittle Dew tries to guess your preferred language regardless of your OS settings. Thankfully, there's an easy way to change the language back manually....
Savegame gone? Restart Steam!
by BFG_Rolf
If your save game seems deleted, try restarting Steam. It might re-appear afterwards. This bug exists in v1.2....
Itte do
by Hans
Wht ies itl de ...