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How to get above 75% headshots
Your guide is awesome - Larry's mother. You're a fucking weeb - BIGGEST-ANIME Ur decent, how long did it take you to do that? 6 months? gk ur good but ur asian so ur fucked - NICOLASTJO - Life BANKAI - StaticTJO ...
Hero Mode Complete Strategy
by Krunstall
A comprehensive guide to 'Hero' mode, so that you may consolidate your skills and get some wins....
Recording program guide for SF2
This guide is a compilation of settings for programs that we have found to work well and BETTER than the SF2 ingame recorder. Please note that your FPS should be 15 or lower for max. performance during tourneys and no higher than 30 if you are going to up...
Learn to shoot the M4 With CoryTP and W0rthy
by Cory
This is a video that was made a very long time ago when I used to stream this game everyday. Me and w0rthy talk and show some tips on how to shoot the m4 better but the things being said can be applied to all guns just learn the patterns and find the best...