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Tip: Create Randomized Cracks
by JamesFSky
Learn how to create cracks on your tiled substances that give a randomized appearance instead of looking like they've been overlayed from a single image....
Dota 2 Character Creation Template
by Jerc
This guide will help you use the Dota 2 Template shipped with Substance Designer 3.5 to create and customize Dota 2 characters for the Workshop much more easily than through a traditional workflow....
My First Substance by Nicolas LIATTI
by iamcreasy
This guide will help you get started with Substance Designer (v3.1) very quickly. The aim of this tutorial is to make a metal material using stock texture, with a tweak-able dust parameter and export it as a Substance Designer Archive format(*.sbsar), tha...
User Guide Part.1 - Getting Started
by Yohko
Get familiar with the welcome dialogue, explore the Substance Designer interface, change the Preferences and get a glimpse of the Shortcuts !...
Let's Make In SD: Simple Bricks
by JamesFSky
Get a slightly higher level introduction into Substance Designer with the first in the Let's Make In SD series...