Anomaly 2
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Anomaly 2 guide: How to better play on multiplayer (English version)
by conar8
I wrote this guide because I see that new players have a problem in Anomaly 2 (A2) multiplayer. But in this guide you can’t find ‘how to hold the mouse’ or ‘where to click to win’ or even ‘how to build towers’ – for this is another instruments. This guide ...
I'm Rich achievement guide
by Santi
In Anomaly 2 the achivements are crystal clear, but there is one which is not as easy as it looks. This is the 'I'm Rich' acvievement and I'm going to explain this....
Anomaly 2 Walkthrough
by TatertotzPWN
This guide is made to help you get all of the achievements and medals in single player....
最速でマルチの全業績を解除する方法 / The fastest way to unlock all multiplayer achievements
by a_pharaoh
ここでは、筆者が考えられる最速のマルチプレイヤー関連の全実績解除について解説する。 ただし、「一度にアビリティを50個保持する」など、簡潔明瞭なものは解説はしていない。 質問・進言等があれば、お気軽にどうぞ。 This guide tells you the fastest way to unlock all achievements of multiplayer. However, I have not written about simple achievements like "Hold...