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The Ultimate War of the Vikings Guide
by Berserk Jeff
This guide is now updated for Beta version 0.8.1 This guide deals with everything from maps, to game modes, weapons, classes, duel strategies, combat mechanics, tips on how to swing faster, it touches on a little bit of everything. The guide may seem a b...
WotV Icon Guide
by TotalyMoo
A full guide on all icons you will find in War of the Vikings, including perk descriptions, HUD symbols and more....
Loadout Guide - Saxon Churl and Viking Bondi
by Olyrian
In this guide I will tell you how to create the perfect spear wielding loadout that is based on the skirmisher class. I have also applied some historic background. The final product we have is actually the result of a few experiments I did to make the ...
Overview Guide - Basic Guide to Classes
by The Silver Arrow
Just a video I've made featuring: The Champion The Skirmisher The Warrior Gameplay, style and me just running about trying to explain things. It does not include the Shieldmaiden as she is a new addition not available when the video was mad...
How 2 have swag
by TheDoge
an in depth look at the art of swag...
[OBSELETE]The International Rule Of Crouching
by Cheezman88
An Idea For A New Rule...