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MΣGΛ * Derank service 2013年11月1日 15時24分
New Modes?
I have an idea about a new CRAZY gamemode that can be added:
One person have the right hand and one person have the left hand and together they need to
co-operate In diffrent modes like ambulance Space and normal. (I think it would be funny to Drive the ambulance and sabotage)
So... What do you think. Any suggestions??
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Trick_Ster 2013年11月1日 16時06分 
i'd rather it be two people control one hand. that way actual co-op needs to be done.
ScrapTF | Moonie 2013年11月1日 22時29分 
This was suggested like... 50 times, but i will +1, i would wanna see a VS in SS2013
最近の変更はScrapTF | Moonieが行いました; 2013年11月1日 22時29分
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