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How to host a Multi-Player game
by SeonR
A guide to setting up and hosting a multi-player game in Cubemen 2....
How to use Grill - Starter Guide
by Dzordanas
How to use Grill - Starter Guide Grill is a cheap, weak , but deadly class . He uses a small handgun shooting normal bullets at any enemy that crosses its path. However the fact that he has a low life scale, and can't take much...
A Brief Guide to Defense in Cubemen 2
by Mutated
Touching on all of the units as well as providing one simple strategy that can be adapted to any defensive Cubemen level....
How to win.
by henpenben シ
1. Buy grills. 2. Buy more grills and swarm your base with them. 3. Once base is successfully defended with grills and pathed in to one entrance with walls, buy grills. 4. Position new grills around enemy base. 5. If enemy has army of grills or anythi...
Cubemen 2 - Tactics, Achievements, Units, Gameplay and more!
by 零 ★ Rei
A Cubemen 2 guide written by one of the best Cubemen players out there, {=[WOLF]=}, otherwise known as Rei Kanako It is extremely long, as I have been very thorough. Sorry for any inconvenience. P.S This guide is incomplete, but expect updates everyda...