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Getting Started
by Brick Flail
A guide to help you get started in the world of Elemental, covering the selection of a sovereign, founding your capital, and some tips for being successful going forward....
Unit Creation
by Brick Flail
A guide covering the basics of unit creation. Topics include selection of weapons, armor, accessories, useful traits and strategic spells, and tips on maximizing resource expenditure....
City development overview
by FeiLing
'Your settlement has grown a level! Select a free improvement for this city.' Here all available options for all levels listed to help planning ahead. Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes Game version: 1.30 (2013/10)...
Insane Resoln Guide
by mltnschroeder
Comprehensive tips for playing and winning as the Resoln faction on higher difficulty levels....
by Nargaff
Eine Serie von Youtube Videos als Einführung ins Spiel. Ich erkläre detailliert die Möglichkeiten die einem das Spiel an die Hand gibt, um eine eigene Faction und einen eigenen Sovereign zu erstellen. Abgeschlossen wird das ganze durch ein ein paar Ing...
Fallen Enchantress Modding Introduction
by these people
A quick overview of some of the modding capability for Fallen Enchantress....