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Learn to Play StarForge - extreme basics
by Barl0we
A very basic guide to playing StarForge - look through my guide for information on how to move, craft and place items....
The Fort Defense Handbook-The Ultimate Field Guide for New Survivors
by StarCopper
Welcome to Atlas soldier. You are one of the lucky few that have been selected to restart humanity. Your going to need a field guide to help you along on your new life. This field booklet will cover such things as materials, durability, weapon types, weap...
SF Alpha v0.5a Beginner Walktrough 1.0
by ThaWolf
Hi fellow Starforgers, this Guide starts with a short List, which i hope can help you if you are thinking of buying the game, it goes over into a Beginners Guide and it also contains a step by step Walktrough for the Survival Mode....
Playing Older StarForge Demos
by (~AYE~) RaTcHeT302
You should be able to find any older pre-steam releases here to play some of the currently under development features....
Steam Unavaiable / Linking / 32x Crash / Fixes
by (~AYE~) RaTcHeT302
Quick guide in order to assist users who are currently having issues with the game....
How to: Setup a Virtual LAN with Tunngle
by chenDawg
Having trouble setting up a LAN game or using tools like Hamachi? Give Tunngle a shot. I've used it for a while and it's never let me down....
starforge resource depths
by CannonFodder
The diferent depths that resources are found...
Starforge: Defending a Fort from the Lag Monster
by FunnyFarm
I'll probably be surprised as to how many likes this gets....
Starforge Basic "Creative" Tutorial (Video)
by Bradenm1
I call it basic even though i talk about nealy everything in creative. Controls, Crafting, You know. 22 Mins Long.
Starforge Alpha 0.5A Survival Tutorials
by Tuandor
My video tutorial series on Starforge Alpha 0.5A Survival. Covers all the basic elements of the game from surviving first night to how to use all the power items. Family-friendly and covers everything the absolute beginner needs to know as well as a few t...