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Rebellion May 9, 2013 @ 6:36am
Update 1.06 Now available! (17/12/2013)
1.06 Update

Independent UK developer Rebellion are pleased to announce a significant update to Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Since completing the sequel, Nazi Zombie Army 2, we’ve been busy rolling many of the improvements we made to it back into the original title. We’ve also added a special achievement for fans of the series who own both titles. Install the update now and relive your worst nightmares!

Improvements include:
  • New "Newsreel Effect" graphics option for the ultimate vintage zombie B Movie experience!
  • The Preacher now delivers a potent punch as a double-barrelled shotgun
  • Player kicking enemies is more effective
  • More impressive particle effects
  • Improved skeleton behaviour
  • Wider variety of zombie behaviours and appearances
  • Improved weapon ballistics
  • Improved frame-rate

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army ups the ante with Spring updates

Two major new features added in less than a month based on player feedback

Independent UK developer Rebellion has today released update 1.05 for co-op survival shooter Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, not only enabling co-op players to multiply the numbers of enemies they face, but also adding support for drop in / drop out functionality.

Hot on the heels of April’s popular ‘Multiplier’ update - allowing solo-players to multiply the numbers of enemies they face to terrifying levels - this update is the second major feature added to the game in less than a month based on suggestions and comments from the game’s growing community.

Update 1.05 also includes a small selection of fixes.

Key Features:
Drop in / Drop out functionality added. (See technical notes below)
Co-op enemy multiplier added. (e.g 2 players can play against 4 player numbers of enemies)

Fix list:
Fix for potential progression blocker on Cathedral level.
Fix for progression blocker on Library Of Evil.
Fix to make sure Bullet cam "minimal" settings reduces bullet cameras in game.
Fix to stop score points exploit on skeletons.

Known issues:
Some single player inter level saves will be invalidated with this update. This was due to level progression fixes. If problems are encountered a level restart may be required.

Technical notes on drop in /drop out:
- Can only join whilst players are in lobby or in actual gameplay.
- Cannot join whilst in loading, waiting for players, syncing, cutscenes or end game menus.
- Private match option blocks all joining.
- Quick match can be found and joined by any player unless private match is selected.
- Private game can only be found and joined by friends, either through an invite from host or by selecting to join game from steam in-game overlay, unless private match is selected.
- The private match option can be toggled both in the lobby and in game via the pause menu.
- The private match option is not available when in cutscenes or end game menus.

- Players joining outside safe zones will spawn at the host position.
- If the enemy multiplier is set to default then when a player joins the enemies increase to match the number of players.
- If the enemy multiplier is set to default then when a player leaves the number of enemies will only decrease to match the player numbers when a safe zone is reached.
- Host must wait for players joining a game to be fully in gameplay before being able to restart a game - a message box will popup informing the host of this.

Update 1.04 for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie

Taking the challenge to solo players in the latest Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army update, version 1.04 allows gamers to increase the enemies they face in the single
player campaign to match the impressive numbers seen in the co-operative multiplayer mode.

Players can now add ‘multipliers’ that double, triple or quadruple the number of undead on screen when selecting a mission in single player.

Full list of features and fixes:

  • Enemy multiplier – choose to face up to four times the number of undead in single player.
  • Vote system – vote kick, start game and end game with lobby support.
  • Russian language fix – fix for language sometimes not appearing in Russian version.

Update 1.03 for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie

In version 1.03, we have managed to fix a number of issues which you can find below. Those of you still experiencing black screens then crashing, please see the Common Issues thread for possible fixes.

Fix List

  • Game now supports Russian Language.
  • Fix to limit amounts of AI attacking an incapacitated player.
  • Fix for kills not registering explosive achievement kills when shooting TNT.
  • Occult General should only report head shot scores.
  • Allow in game subtitles.
  • More dramatic bullet camera variation in Single Player.

Update 1.02 for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie

We are pleased to announce update 1.02 for NZA. Please find the fix list detailed below.

Blackscreen/NZA.exe is not responding issue & Refresh Rate Problems

If you’ve had a problem with the screen being black, but you can still hear the game running in the background, then it’s likely that the refresh rate was too high for your display. By default our engine used to pick the highest available refresh rate reported by DirectX, but sometimes this is not valid because of either driver or hardware issues, and the result is a blank screen. A common problem seems to be that for high refresh rates (e.g. 120hz) you need a dual-link DVI cable, and many new monitors are sadly still sold with single-link DVI cables. (See for information on single and dual link.)

Our solution implemented in this patch is that the engine will now by default try to find the closest frequency to 60hz, which is the most standard and safe refresh rate frequency to use. This should mean the game is most likely to work for the majority of users when first installed. For example, if a monitor only supports 75hz, that will be what is used. If a monitor claims it supports both 60hz and 120hz, the default will be to use the safer 60hz option.

However, we’ve also added a new command line option allowing users to specify a refresh rate they’d like to use instead of the default setting. The engine will still use the closest matching reported frequency to this suggestion, so you don’t need an exact number. The command line option takes the form:


Where number is the suggested refresh rate in hz. So for example, “-hz=60” is the default 60hz setting, and “-hz=120” will tell the game to use the nearest setting to 120hz.

Hopefully this new arrangement will satisfy everyone! Users with high frequency monitors can still choose to have a higher refresh rate, while other users will have safer defaults. Stereoscopic 3D using AMD’s HD3D should still work as it did previously, though you may want to specify a refresh rate now with the command line.

(Note: a previous command line option, “-60hz”, has now been removed. This was an early attempt to give people a way of forcing 60hz, which should no longer be needed.)

We’ve also noticed that a few people are not aware that there is in game text chat & voice chat. This has been omitted from the manual, we’ll look to update this asap. In the meantime here is a reminder of the controls..

Press “Y” to chat to your friends in a co-op game.
Press & Hold “V” in game to voice chat via a headset mic.

Fix List

  • Fix for some users hanging on a black screen after launching game on steam.
  • Fix for when exiting the game it hangs for a long time before shutting down.
  • Quick Match: Fix allowing clients to ignore current host and search for another lobby.
  • Mission success screen - Various fixes with incorrect messages displayed.
  • Fixed AI colliding with incapacitated players.
  • Improvements to the bullet camera to show more multiple kills.
  • AI targeting improved to distribute target selection amongst multiple players.
  • Bullet camera frequency can now be set to NONE.
  • Fix for Occult General appearing almost invisible post a checkpoint restart.
  • Fixed Super Elite sliding around looking dead on clients.
  • Fix to stop other players from interrupting a resuscitation.
  • Fix to stop score farming on Occult General battle.
  • Fix to stop bullet cameras on resurrecting AI that was causing some t-posing.
  • Labyrinth: Fix to stop AI visibly teleporting into view in some sections.
  • Cathedral: Fix to stop Safe room door from not closing.
  • Cathedral: Fix to remove an invisible damage volume that was affecting players.
  • Subway: Fix to remove infinite spawning Snipers in end battle.

Update 1.01 for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie

We are pleased to announce update 1.01. We hope this will solve the black screen issue on load that some people are experiencing. Please restart your Steam client & your title update should begin.
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[NT]D@niel May 9, 2013 @ 6:52am 
Well, that sounds great, lets try it out
caboosecxv May 9, 2013 @ 7:11am 
Now all we need is survival mode and it will be epic :3
i agree on given comments :)
This game ain't working for me anymore. I launch it and it says NZA has stopped working. I tried several times but no change.
[3dfx]Krakn May 9, 2013 @ 8:33am 
Drop in / drop out co-op? Woot Woot! I'm back in!
Evanz111 May 9, 2013 @ 9:16am 
Now survival mode? ^^
Hellzilla May 9, 2013 @ 9:18am 
Drop-ins were what I was waiting for to keep the co-op alive. But now you need a sale to resurrect the multiplayer.
Thanks for the update, Rebellion.
The||Hunter May 9, 2013 @ 10:15am 
Cool :)

Can we expect any extra levels, that would own!
Thnks rebellion

Arkandor May 9, 2013 @ 10:47am 
Thanks for the update, Co-op should be better now. Are we going to see Map-Packs or other DLC? That´s the only complaint i have, you are not very communicative with us. :( As i said before, I am willing to throw money at you for more maps...
ki11fr3ak May 9, 2013 @ 11:05am 
Thnks for the update ... but I cannot seem to find any matches as of now ....... maybe tomorrow :)
Thanks for the update!
Easelm May 9, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
Too late now, everyone is done playing! Sure would be nice if this had a survival..
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