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Special Tips for Each Weapons and Utilities
by gamingforfun365
Have you ever wondered that there might be special tricks to use for each weapons? Well, there are for all of you guys to use! Let me go list as many as I can down below....
Achievement: Ranked Master
by =TM$= Commander (CH)
A guide for all facts and the easiest way to get this achievement....
How to Make a Super Zoom Mod (Easy)
by gamingforfun365
The Super Zoom Mod is a fun mod that allows you to zoom in really close in-game. This is not as complicated as you might have thought actually. In fact, it's easy! Just follow the steps as I go on....
[TUTORIAL in English and Polish] - HOW TO CHANGE LANGUAGE in Worms Reloaded without 1 hp bug
by [PL] kamil950
Solution how to turn on the missing languages without any in-game errors/Solucja jak włączyć brakujące języki bez żadnych błędów w grze....
Fire Starter & Swinger Achievements: The Easy Way Out
by Attilion
A guide to easily and quickly obtain the grinding achievements Fire Starter and Oldest Swinger in Town...
Modern Wormstyle
by man_without_eyes
Game Style for Worms: Reloaded...
How to do the glitch jump onto the leaf in cottage / forts mode
by xdaneo
In Forts, you may have seen people getting on that leaf doing a regular backwards jump followed by selecting an item from the inventory. I'm gonna explain how to do that here. You only have to position yourself near the leaf, so that a backwards jump wou...
How to get "Fire Starter" Achievement Ironically
by Milkopilko
Quick way to get "Fire Starter" without starting any fires....
How to solve mission 24
by AnthonyDa
Many people are in trouble for this mission, but it is as simple as that....
The Meat & Potatoes Productions Level Design Tutorial
by (MnP) hundreds
This guide is a repost of one that we created a few years back for the Worms Reloaded community. You can find the original guide on our website: