foolio1990 2013年6月1日上午10:42
Smithsonian Terror on Duke it out in D.C. is long!!
I almost think this level is too big. It was still fun though!
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Bag_of_BOnes 2013年6月2日下午2:56 
A lot of levels in" Duke it Out In DC" campaign are unduly long and complicated. I don't mind big levels but there should be some logical direction through the level, so you're not keycard hunting for 15 minutes after clearing out the enemies.
Lunatix 2013年6月2日下午3:27 
The level in the subway is the worst, too complicated and no sense. Who has already saw a spatial museum or an aquarium of sharks in the subway ? Wtf this level design.
foolio1990 2013年6月2日下午7:48 
It is odd.
Lunick 2013年6月2日下午8:33 
Even though the expansion is high quality. I have always hated this level.
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