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Felix's Complete Guide for Super House of Dead Ninjas
by Felix [FFoFF]
A complete guide to how to unlock each item and what they do. And some other stuff and things too!...
Easy Boss Tactics Guide
by Yuamii
This guide is meant to describe boss patterns and strong tactics against each boss...
by Melody Burst
A constantly growing guide on how to unlock every weapon, upgrade, and suit. Is created not just to show exactly what the requirements are to get the object, but strategies on how to get them....
Ridiculously High Score Guide
by JC Denton
Best practices for overflowing the score counter...
The Fairy Hunt
by Sys.out.println("Hi")™
This guide contains some information on hunting yeeold fairys and some times and tricks on how to do so....
Fairy Locations
by hwiechers
A catalogue of all the fairy locations....