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[RUS] Гайд по достижениям (Deadpool)
by Gr[1]m
Achievements Guide
by Yopt
Several tips on the Deadpool achievements, that some of you might find useful....
Another Walkthrough
by MushroomJester
This is a walkthrough on and i don't have a mic for the first three parts sorry, but i will start commentating on the videos don't worry but if you get stuck on a part come to my videos to see where i go or how i do it....
Complete Challenges and Unlock Costumes
by XRuinX
Deadpool sure looks sexy in his brand new game but it must get hot and sweaty in that suit when he's busy kicking some clone butt all day. Here's a guide to unlock other costumes in his game that pay homage to previous comics he's been in....
DeadPool - All In One
by Plasma SKX
Controllers support
by CrazyPotato
If you want to play on your PC with controller and this controller is not xbox - read this...
Deadpool Walkthrough
by NDGamingz
Complete Walkthrough of Deadpool Full Playlist