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How to Create Extra Strengh Medicine (Short Video)/ Como crear Medicina
by Don Alencio Milagroso
Short video describing how to prepare extra strengh medicine (not regular medicine). Video Corto que describe el como praparar medicina extra fuerte (no medicina regular).
Strange Location
by kfetolas
Strange location in the game....
The Creature
by patoucheminouch
Welcome! In this guide, I am going to speak about the Creature. I will tell you how to tell it is here, how to avoid it well, how to distract it, ect... This is my first guide. Please, remember to give me advices if you think I can improve :)...
Crazy Climber Achievement
by Rapid
I show the island's highest point....
Miasmata medicine guide
by The King of All Ducks
This guide will cover all medicines available in the game. I will not cover the cure, but I will cover the permanent emphasis drugs. Note that this is a work in progress. If anything is wrong, such as what you use to synthesize something, please tell m...
Cartography Tutorial
by Pilchardo
A guide to cartography that covers triangulating your own position and that of an unknown landmark....
Miasmata Overview Map
by Nemo
An overview of most of the main locations & features in Miasmata....
Translation HOWTO
by DarkStarSword
A guide on how to translate Miasmata into other languages...