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kingron 2013年2月21日下午2:40
[Linux] Changing the language doesn't work
Like I say in the topic, changing the game language has no effect in the game, the text is still in english. anyone else? bug?
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DFJustin 2013年2月21日下午3:06 
We know about this issue, and are working on it! Until it is fixed, you can edit TheCave/Data/Config/Language.cfg to set the language that you want to be displayed.
olav.olav 2013年2月21日下午3:12 
Thanks for the tip !
I had the same problem, which is now fixed.
kingron 2013年2月22日上午11:50 
I already checked that file and steam seams to change that file correctly when I switch to a different language... right now the cfg file looks like this: language = 'deDE'
but the game language is still english ...
kingron 2013年2月22日下午1:53 
ok, with the latest update everthing is working! life is good! :-)
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