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The Renaissance Heroes Shop Guide
by Trine
The purpose of this guide is to give you an idea of how the Renaissance Heroes shop works....
Renaissance Heroes Character Guide
by Trine
Renaissance Heroes features eight characters. When you begin playing Renaissance Heroes, you must choose your initial character to begin gameplay. Choose wisely, you will not be able to switch to another character until you unlock an additional character ...
Renaissance Heroes Training Videos
by Trine
If you are brand new to Renaissance Heroes, there are a number of features you might be interested in learning about. We have a large number of introductory video guides to assist you. Feel free to visit our [url=
Renaissance Heroes Weapons Tuning
by Trine
Renaissance Heroes offers a unique way of adding an additional emphasis to weapons you have acquired. Artisans and Masters of craftsmanship, that have revolutionized aspects of warfare and technical advancement, are at the ready to improve the specificati...
Renaissance Heroes Game Mode Guide
by Trine
This guide is a quick synopsis of the various Game Modes available in Renaissance Heroes....