SIlent Mar 10 @ 3:41pm
Dual monitor support
I have 2 monitors, (screen 1) is a 32 inch westing house monitor, (screen 2) is a 15 inch hp L194OT monitor, screen 1 is connected via a hdmi cable, while screen 2 is connected via a vga with dvi adapter.
My operating system is a linux mint 16 kde 4.11.5
My graphic card is a
Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Pitcairn PRO [Radeon HD 7850]
My computer specs are a quad core processor made by asrock or asus. not 100% sure anymore.
i have 8 gig of ram with 1 terabyte hdd.
With that info put here is my problem
Screen 1 is on top of screen 2
i want the desktop portion to be on screen 2 while a blank wallpaper thing to be on screen 1. as well i would like to use xinerama or something along the lines of xinerama where i can move windows from screen 2 to screen1. and visa versa
as well I would like to be able to run steam games without steam doing a segmentation fault

I can use vent, skype, mumble, teamviewer, teamspeak, steam voice chat, whatever necessary ill get it.

as of now its 5:40 pm central time (oklahoma) Ill be on for the next 6 hours, any help would be appreciated
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SIlent Mar 10 @ 3:41pm 
forgot to mention , Im using fglrx drivers from driver manager
phillippi2 Mar 10 @ 4:11pm 
Which desktop environment are you using? Also, can you try to launch steam through the terminal and then, if it segfaults, post the output here?

I had a problem with steam segfault, too. Disabling Xinerama and setting your desktop to be a multi-display desktop. Unless you need multiple desktops displayed at once. Sometimes completely reinstalling the driver also fixes it.
SIlent Mar 10 @ 4:15pm 
i already listed my opearting system. I have linux mint 16 kde 4.11.5
i thought i stated that in the info above... is the error when trying to use steam with xinerama enabled.
SIlent Mar 10 @ 6:38pm 
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