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ThOR27 2012年11月13日 3時03分
Will Croteam release any Serious Sam games other then 3 BFE
As soon as I saw Serious Sam 3 BFE availability here I bought it. I've been a Serious Sam fan since I've first played the first encounter that comes with my GeForce 6600 GT, back 10 years ago, when I was still using windows mostly. I've blamed Croteam a lot when they didn't finished Serious Sam 2 port to Linux and now in love again with this great port of serious sam 3. :)

I know that Ryan Icculus also ported beta versions for first and second encounter (which was unbeatable and full of glitches).

So, the obvious questions are:
1- We will ever see a finished version of First and Second encounter for Linux?
2- We will ever see a finished version of Serious Sam 2 for Linux?
3- And last (but not least) we will ever see a port of Serious Sam HD?

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blackout24 2012年11月13日 5時42分 
+1 for Serious Sam 2 the best Part of the Series if you ask me. I want more of those crazy levels.
Dusk of Oolacile 2012年11月13日 8時29分 
The HD versions of the first and second encounter run (mostly) on the same engine as SS3. It would be a crime not to release them. SS2 already has a (beta? alpha?) linux version. It probably doesn't need much work to get it run stable and release it.
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AlenL 2012年11月13日 13時52分 
I know it looks as if TSE and SS3 are almost the same engine, but under the hood there were a lot of across-the-board changes that make it prohibitively complicated to backport SS3 code improvements to TSE. It is similar to how people often request for e.g. voice chat during loading to be backported. But to make voice chat universally available, we had to thoroughly refactor the network code. Etc, etc. A significant number of such breaking changes are absolutely required for recent portability work we did for OSX, Linux, and PS3.
However, there are some other possibilities on how to make the backcatalog available on other platforms. But let's keep concentrated on polishing SS3 on Linux. If that works out, and if the platform is well accepted, we will surely extend the number of games on it.
ThOR27 2012年11月14日 3時25分 
Thanks AlenL for the answer!

I know Serious Sam HD, at least as stated in wikipedia[1] uses a Serious Engine 3 and SS3 uses Serious Engine 3.5, and that may have a greater amount of work to get it ported.

I was just wondering since classic Serious Sam first and second encounter[2] and Serious Sam 2[3] is already ported to Linux, besides some issues. I obviously don't know exactly if what is left is easy or hard to fix, but anyway you guys (and also Icculus for the classics one) have already done a great part of the work.

At least my money you will get for all those Linux released games. :)

Desti 2012年11月14日 5時59分 
How much work would it be to remake the SS1 and SS2 campaign as SS3 download mod?
Then you could even sell it again to the windows users :D
AlenL 2012年11月14日 7時17分 
As I said, if this works out well with Sam3, you can expect to see the back-catalog (in one form or another) on Steam Linux as well, in the future.
ThOR27 2012年11月14日 7時27分 
Ok! Thanks AlenL! Hope Linux gamers this times makes everything more profitable! :)
mikeym 2012年11月14日 8時16分 
Should do! The game is awesome. HUGE HUGE HUGE monsters and BIG BIG BIG guns.

Anyone who didn't give it a glowing review is an idiot. It's been a while since I've played such an entertaining game.

Plays more like doom than doom, only doom on crack.
ThOR27 2012年11月14日 8時25分 
You Pick DOOM (classic ones 1 or 2) remove the find key/find door maze stuff. Add a bit more monsters. A bit more. Just a bit more. And then a bit more. There is it! WAIT! A bit more monsters! Now it's ok! We got Serious Sam! :D
mikeym 2012年11月14日 9時25分 
ThOR27 の投稿を引用:
You Pick DOOM (classic ones 1 or 2) remove the find key/find door maze stuff. Add a bit more monsters. A bit more. Just a bit more. And then a bit more. There is it! WAIT! A bit more monsters! Now it's ok! We got Serious Sam! :D

So few monsters? You can't have played through far enough yet.

It does make me reflect on how poor a game Doom3 was though. The graphics engine was good for its day but the game-play! Oh, look! It's a door to a new room I've not visited before. How should I enter? Should I stride confidently into the room and despatch the foes that surely await? Should I creep slowly into the room picking off targets? Oh no, wait! I'm playing Doom 3, best walk in backwards because ALL the baddies spawn behind you, every single time!
ThOR27 2012年11月14日 10時06分 
I liked DOOM 3, but is really a different game from Doom 1 and 2. And at some point I was I bit tired of doing the same thing over and over and over again. But I liked it anyway. Liked a bit more the expansion set, mostly because of the half-life 2 inspired gravity gun.
kwahoo 2012年11月14日 10時08分 
Quiz: why Serious Sam is so similar to old Dooms?
-big guns? No. Many games have big guns, eg. Doom 3
-big monsters? No. See above.
-big areas? No. Big areas are in many games.
-massive monsters amount? No. Many games have it, eg. Painkiller
-enemies using projectiles (rather hitscan) in large groups + huge areas? Yes! It's main feature of Doom 2 (remember 7th map with Mancubuses and spiders) and Serious Sam.

PS Sick, old (2001) interview with Croteam CEO
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