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[closed] What about Frozen Synapse?
Did anyone tried to play native version?
This game is now on Indie Sale?
Is it worth to weight buy?
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karmik 21. maalis, 2013 11.40 
Yep, I tried. It works fine on my system (Ubuntu 12.10 x64). Game is very specific, so I recommend you to read some reviews about it before buying.
sounds like a wooosh 21. maalis, 2013 11.50 
Well, it got lots of great reviews…!

I stumbled upon lots of smaller glitches with the GUI – but at all it is a great game, well… if you like games that focus strongly on strategy in a scifi environment. I also do like the soundtrack btw! – But yes… maybe others wrote better reviews about it ;D So the hint from karmiktoucan was wise maybe ;) (using Kubuntu 12.04 x32 – but graphics card and quickness are not that important because it's a round-based game.)

Also take a look in the game-hub maybe!
[Linux]sulman 21. maalis, 2013 13.39 
Frozen Synapse is a great, challenging game. Well worth it.
omegadot 21. maalis, 2013 15.33 
It's run well for me in Mint. It's also pretty damn hard. At least for me.
Zyro 22. maalis, 2013 4.27 
I also agree with karmiktoucan. For me, the game works fine under Linux. But it is a special game. Graphics very(!) simple, tactical gameplay quite complex, at least at the beginning (what's where I still am). You should at least take a look at the first tutorial on their site:
SUSEd 22. maalis, 2013 4.29 
I bought it! And Red DLC. Really cool game!
sounds like a wooosh 22. maalis, 2013 4.32 
congrats! - Have fun! ;D
Zyro 22. maalis, 2013 4.56 
Cool! :o)
[Linux]sulman 22. maalis, 2013 5.38 
The LOS tool (I think it's the V key) is your friend. You have to learn to predict movement; it's pretty hard.
Zyro 22. maalis, 2013 6.42 
What is "LOS"?
SUSEd 22. maalis, 2013 6.42 
Zyro lähetti viestin:
What is "LOS"?

Line of sight.
Zyro 22. maalis, 2013 6.49 
A, cool! I'll be pecking the V key when I'm back home! :o)
SUSEd 22. maalis, 2013 6.49 
Zyro lähetti viestin:
A, cool! I'll be pecking the V key when I'm back home! :o)
Need to chhose unit and hold V button.
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