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by С++
Прохождение сложный моментов игры EDNA & HARVEY: HARVEY'S NEW EYES...
Alle Errungenschaften bei Harveys neue Augen
by Klajo
Wie man alle Steam-Errungenschaften von Harveys neue Augen erreicht...
Гайд по Достижениям
by vampir4ik
Гайд по получению всех достижений....
Achievement Guide
by {BGC}Mistled
This guide will tell you how to get all the achievements, and show video for how to get the more frustrating achievements. I post other achievement and Let's Play videos at
How to Get the achievements after the new patch (14/02/2014)
by P1kaChu
Hello people, this is a simple guide about how to get the achievements after the new fix patch , (14/02/2014), for those who don't know yet, many players have been like a year with this game having broken achievements, after a long wait, finally Devs fixe...
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes 全成就流程攻略
by 空梦残月in帝都