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Frost 2013年1月29日 11時26分
Failed to Connect
I'm trying to host, as I am sitting on a 100 mbit line and usually do so for our steam games.
The UDP port is mapped, firewall exceptions have been set and are active, the PC has been rebooted.

Any of my friends trying to connect to me fail to do so, I can connect to them fine however.
This is not a recurring problem, as there is no game in my steam library that has this issue and I am quite able to check/map ports, I do run our mumble, minecraft and maptool servers, not to mention all our game hosting.

This has been tested with people from the US East Coast and Norway connecting to me, I live in Germany. Is there a region lock?
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KillerBee 2013年1月29日 11時29分 
i cant even join a game, failed to connect too....
WoogieSAURUS 2013年1月29日 11時34分 
Currently playing with a guy in Germany and I'm in UK, yet a guy from Ireland cant join our games. Bizzare... I also cannot join another persons game in the UK
cable36wu 2013年1月29日 11時40分 
Can't connect to any games it seems. Forwarded 25002. Keeps telling me connection to host lost
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Tivios 2013年1月29日 12時52分 
i was open 25002 port and its still not working... i can't to connect in any pub games its be always "Connect to server failed"
Taygaiwoop 2013年1月29日 12時55分 
I'm not having this issue at all. If it doesn't work restart dungeonland.

Other than that I can't give any better advice since the issue didn't persist for me
Poindexter  [開発者] 2013年1月29日 12時56分 
Hi guys,

We are monitoring the connectivity issues and there are two known issues right now.
First, the Steam invite feature might not work if your UDP port 25002 is publicly visible/mapped.
Second, in certain circumstances, the number of players is incorrectly reported in the server browser, thus leading to a connection failure.
Please assert that these issues do not apply to your case. Both will be fixed in a future (soonish) patch.

Also, please head over to forum.paradoxplaza.com and post a copy of your output_log.txt file, present in your game data folder along with some info of the game like: Server or Client? OS? . It will further help us debug the problem.

cable36wu 2013年1月29日 13時01分 
Yoloman の投稿を引用:
I'm not having this issue at all. If it doesn't work restart dungeonland.

Other than that I can't give any better advice since the issue didn't persist for me

Oh, I did. About a dozen times since there's a good chance the game will just crash when it can't connect to a server.
di/)mond 2013年1月29日 13時40分 
I have the same problem, but i joined when i tried many times. It's very annoying though.
Drakol 2013年1月29日 13時44分 
This is happening to myself and a few friends of mine.
We have all the ports relavent open, as well as Firewall exceptions.
Two of us can join each other, but the third cannot.

"Connection to Server Failed" was the gist of the error.
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WoogieSAURUS 2013年1月29日 13時49分 
It seems to be the host that needs the ports forwarded. Myself and my Brother have fowarded all the ports required and it now works

27000 to 27305 (steam ports)
and 25002

Now the guy from Ireland can connect
Nix 2013年1月29日 13時54分 
Ciunay_Ragathol の投稿を引用:
I have the same problem, but i joined when i tried many times. It's very annoying though.

Yep, on 20 times I tried I succeded 1. This need a fix.
Frost 2013年1月29日 15時48分 
We worked out that I can host a game that can be joined, if I host a public one and we just coordinate joins via VOIP.
It does seem to be the steam invite problem.
dash.galaxy 2013年1月30日 4時02分 
This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Please don't try to put the burden of fixing it on us.
Raptor Jesus 2013年1月30日 6時27分 
I'm experiencing a similar issue.

My husband and I were gifted this game by his good friend & his wife. We played successfully last night when my husband and I would host the game. My husband's friend was able to host the game, although none of us could actually connect to him. We would get errors like "Connection to the host lost" (I cannot remember the actual wording of the error) or "Connection failed" and such.

My husband and I can host and be DMs perfectly well. His friend and his wife cannot. It was a private match and the Steam overlay invites were working perfectly. We were able to play a non-player DM game just fine as well.

Other than this issue and a few minor crashes, the game has been working fabulously for us, but not having two other players have a chance to be the DM is ridiculously frustrating.

Edited for spelling and grammar.
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Frost 2013年1月30日 6時44分 
Yes, two of my friends had no troubles hosting via steam invite.
So far it seems I am the only friend on our group, that has this problem.

Yet again, a public game is easily joined by the others. The inconvenience is undeniable, but a functioning workaround is preferable to a furious boycott in my opinion.

Besides, the game is incredibly entertaining to play.
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