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troia_mattia 4 apr 2013, ore 11:49
Game crash
Hello sweeties! I have this problem two times since I've installed the game: randomly during the game it crash, i can't move the mouse or use task manager so i had to restart the pc :| Did anyone have this problem? Thank you all for help!

p.s. i'm italian, sorry for my english
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jgd3 13 apr 2013, ore 15:53 
I've had this problem too! It happens a lot to me, and it's really annoying. Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix it, and it happens every time I go on. Just another glitch in a very glitchy game.
troia_mattia 24 giu 2013, ore 11:41 
RIght! :/ Finally I finished it, and I'd like it lasts more time! :D
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