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Guias Steam populares Guias, referências e detonados em texto
por SuperFluffyKitty
All the achievements for the game...
Достижения Intrusion 2
por ˜”*°•.Goldberg.•°*”˜
Выполнение достижений....
Achievements Video Guide (Relic, Fly Trap, Shake Shake)
por MetCout
Video guide to show you how to unlock some achievements...
Intrusion 2 Final Boss Chaos
por b_random9
When i took on the final boss of intrusion 2 it took me 8 hours straght. Then, in my play of it, 1 attempt. Reading this guide should help you with this boss too....
Defeating the Stalker boss
por Zyron4271
This is a guide for the fourth and last Stalker boss, in which there are two of them....