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Setup GameMaker:Studio for Android
by Finch Eastwood
Before actually starting to work with GameMaker:Studio and Android, it is worth noting that Android devices vary immensely in capability. The GameMaker:Studio runner will only workwith Android 2.2 and above, which covers the majority of devices around at ...
So You Wanna Make Games
by Zaron X
You're new to Game Maker. The world is your oyster; the possibilities are endless! What will you make? How will you etablish your legacy for future generations? Well, hold on, there, buddy, because odds are you're jumping the gun a bit. List...
Making Games - Video tutorial series
by ShaunJS
A high quality in-depth series of beginner and intermediate video tutorials and guides for making your own games with Game Maker: Studio.
Selecting your edition of Game Maker Studio
by Binary
A simple guide to help you decide wht edition of Game Maker Studio is right for you!...
Gamemaker Tutorials
by Mr Moopsy
Tired of wasting your valuable time, searching for quality tutorials across the web. Are you tired of these tutorials taking too long to just get to the point and answer your question? Well, truth is I am, and it seems the community feels the same. I ...
Tooltips in GML
by Scorcher24
This Guide shows you how to make a tooltip in GML, which can be displayed when you move your mouse over an object....
Deploying to Steam Workshop
by Finch Eastwood
If your copy of GameMaker:Studio has been bought through Steam, you will see that there is an additional target module for compiling to apart from the standard Windows and MacOS targets. When running your game through GameMaker:Studio normally (or in d...
How to create a selectable player (Parenting on a real world example)
by Scorcher24
In this guide you gonna learn how you can enable your player to have a class or a different character to select, including different weapons and graphics. We are gonna use parenting for this, so see this as an extended guide on parenting with a real world...
Guide to Cheat Codes (and Other Sequential Input)
by M.S.T.O.P.
This guide will teach you 3 methods to incorporate cheats codes and other types of sequential keyboard input into your game. Note: Requires knowledge of GML....
Blending between rooms using a fade to black effect
by Scorcher24
Changing between rooms needs to be smooth. The default behavior just changes it within one frame. I dislike that, so we gonna make ourselves a nice effect....