Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
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Stats: The Explaination You Should Have Been Given!
by Kubur
I think the title alone is self-explainatory. =P...
Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Achievements Ultra Neo Guide
by Mr. Verite
Half-Minute Hero as if not being hard enough also has some rather hard, long or poorly explained achievements. This guide will explain every nook and cranny of every single achievement this game has to offer....
by akinagi
スタート地点の村を東の村とし、記載します。 スタートの街から西に進み、出現する敵をダッシュで倒したらそのままスタートの町へ・・・戻るときに出会う敵もダッシュで倒す。 体力...
by Yukikaze_(:3 」∠)_
Half Minute hero s hero mode hide points evaluateraiders resolved. 勇者30模式隐藏关评价解析....
How to be a boss
by Bionic Fire
Here is a guide guiding you to some real good tips if you are strugling...
Краткий гайд по игре.
by Scarq
Краткий гайд по самым основам игры....