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Gardol 2014年4月22日上午5:47
Not a War Hammer Achievement.
I had more than 40k gold but I don't get the achievement, why?
Isn't work?
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SuperPuffer 2014年4月26日上午11:56 
Try this.
  1. Browse to %AppData%\Roaming\Dwarfs
  2. Now rename the file achievements.lol to achievements.bak
  3. Launch the game and collect 40k gold (cumulative - you can spend the gold)
最后由 SuperPuffer 编辑于; 2014年4月26日上午11:56
SuperPuffer 2014年4月26日下午12:20 
Another workaround is just playing on a friend's computer who has never played Dwarfs!?

If your friend plays this game on your Windows desktop, but is logged in under their Steam profile, when they unlock a Dwarfs!? or Dwarfs - F2P achievement, it can lock the achivement permanently on your Steam profile for both games.

This was the only way I found to get some achivements on my own profile using my own computer on Steam. The in-game achivements still work, it looks like, but sometimes they look wacky like you have an achievement you don't have.
最后由 SuperPuffer 编辑于; 2014年4月26日下午12:25
Ace_Kansai 2014年6月12日下午1:39 
This helped me too
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