Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Multi-Player
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Dark Messiah MP Knowledgebase
by elkej*VACationZ
First of all I know it's pretty dead game, but I played enough to gain some worthy experience, which now I would like to share. However, it would be a shame not to share, wouldn't it? This guide aims mainly on Dark Messiah Multiplayer aspects. I hope e...
Dark Messiah Multiplayer: Connect to Server [ENGLISH]
by [TTC] youtube.com/D4KiR92 | *_*
# Deutsches Tutorial Hier # Want to see when my server is online? DakkirsServer join this group The original master...
Dark Messiah Multiplayer: Server verbinden [GERMAN]
by [TTC] youtube.com/D4KiR92 | *_*
# English Tutorial here # Want to see when my server is online? DakkirsServer join this group Der originale master ...
A solution for those, who can`t start Multiplayer due to the new error.
by Imagoes
We all have recently faced a new error when starting Dark Messiah Multiplayer: unable to load (steam/steamapps/account name/dark messiah multiplayer/bin/filesystem_steam.dll).... So, I have found the solution, that will help you to come back to this ...
Dark Messiah Maps
by [TTC] youtube.com/D4KiR92 | *_*
All Maps and Single Maps HERE - - - - - - - - - Other Help: Me or [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfi...
How to open a Server on Desktop!
by [TTC] youtube.com/D4KiR92 | *_*
Here you can see how it works! http://youtu.be/EtUC8_wSoYA - - - - - - - - - Other Help: Me or Dark Messiah MP Knowledg...